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Nashville is a town overflowing with quality entertainment; sometimes there are too many options which can become overwhelming. Our entertainment services relieve our clients of the stress of finding the perfect entertainment for their events. As a local destination management company, we have a deep pool of high quality, trusted entertainment resources to complement your unique event theme. Cirque-style performers, named entertainers and themed artists will have your guests cheering for more! Local bands, DJs and regional bands will have your guests dancing the night away, while karaoke or gaming will allow guests to actively participate in the event in an unforgettable way. Whether your guests are dancing, singing, tossing, flipping, guessing, building, sipping or tasting– the entertainment services at Maple Ridge will create an exciting and engaging experience for your guests to remember for a long time to come.

Thank you for your professionalism, which is equally matched by your genuine warmth for customers.


Christine Baumann | Communications Manager, Siemens


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