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Destination Management Company

A Destination Management Company, like Maple Ridge Events, is an organization with applicable extensive local knowledge. The professionals at Maple Ridge have expert knowledge of the resources needed to plan and produce exciting events in the Nashville area. There is no need for you to sort through the overwhelming amount of vendors located within and around Nashville. Allow Maple Ridge to utilize our knowledge as a leading Nashville DMC to design and implement your event objectives including tours, activities, entertainment, transportation, venues, corporate meetings and vendor coordination. Our local knowledge is extensive and our resources are unlimited, there is no detail too small and no idea too grand.


Working with a Nashville DMC like Maple Ridge Events provides countless client benefits. Since we are local experts, we have been fortunate to establish close, on-going relationships with many companies, artists and vendors in the Nashville area. These relationships allow us to ensure the quality of your event in a way an outside source would not be able to achieve. Our vendors have a proven track record of providing the finest, most unique and professional services Nashville has to offer. Working with Maple Ridge Events takes the guess work out of vendor quality and relationships, we only work with the best, resulting in high quality, exciting and creative events. We have knowledge of Nashville’s finest local caterers, vendors, transportation companies and other event services.  We are reliable and have established a positive reputation as a leading Nashville DMC.


Working with a DMC like Maple Ridge simplifies the process of event planning and implementation, our clients contact us and we in turn contact and coordinate all event resources and needs. Maple Ridge is a one stop shop for all your event needs. Our clients are never seen running around town in search of multiple vendors or paying multiple invoices; our clients have one invoice and one contact– Maple Ridge!  As a local DMC, we cross every “T” and dot every “I”. Once you meet with a friendly professional from Maple Ridge, we will get to work applying our local knowledge and resources to guarantee your event is a “Music City” Hit!

The best experience we have ever had with a DMC

Lauren Gilreath, CMP | Meeting and Event Manager, Experient Inc.


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